Business Set-Up Services

Business Set-up Services

Business Set-up Services

At East Africa Business Consultants, we help you Chose and Register  the right Business Entity that  Allows you to Reduce liability Exposure, Minimize Taxes, and Ensure that your  Business can be Financed and Run Efficiently.

Before Settling on either of the Business Entities, we normally look at the following;

(1) The Degree to which your Personal Assets are at risk from liabilities arising from your Business;

(2) How to best Pursue Tax Advantages and avoid multiple layers of Taxation;

(3) The Ability to attract Potential Investors;

(4) The ability to offer Ownership interests to key Employees; and

(5) The costs of Operating and Maintaining the Business Entity.

The Most common forms of Business to register in Kenya Include the following;

i) Partnership and Sole proprietorships

ii) Companies Limited by Shares

iii) Branch & Subsidiary

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