Business Exploration Services

Business Exploration ServiceImagine that you have a Good Friend/Family living in East Africa and you inform them that you would be coming to East Africa and hence you ask them to show you around.

Now add to this person a huge Database of Knowledge and Experience on Business in East Africa, a wide Network of Business Contacts in various Industries and a Good understanding of Business Processes in the local Market. This is what our Business Tours to East Africa looks like: Very Welcoming and Very Knowledgeable.

This type of Business Travel is for those Entrepreneurs who have no knowledge of Processes of Business Setup in East Africa, do not know how to Best Structure Operational Processes and require introduction to the East Africa Business System in General.

Business Travel to East Africa package includes Hotel Booking, Transportation Services, Translation services, Preparation for Negotiation and Business Meetings with Potential Partners aiming at Demonstrating Business Opportunities in East Africa and It is a great opportunity to visit local Authorities, logistic Hubs, Meet Successful Entrepreneurs and Receive first-hand Knowledge.

The Package also includes Exhibition Planning Services that include Documentation and Permits, Facilities leasing and Preparation, Equipment Installation and Staff hiring, Exhibits Import and Export services

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