Speaker Archive - East Africa Business Consultants

Val Jiwa

CEO Safari Center

Val Jiwa is an Astute Investor in Kenya. Her recent Investment is in the Tourism Sector. She will share more on why she choose Kenya as her regional hub, her experience when setting up and recommendations for new entrants into the market.

Ministry of Trade

Chamber of Commerce in Kenya

You will have a chance to hear from the various chamber of commerce in Kenya, ie Kenyan Chamber of Commerce, American chamber of commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of commerce, French Chamber of Commerce etc.

Daniel Kariri

Legal and Compliance Expert

After Completing a Law Degree Dan started his working career at the State Law office company Registrar’s office. There after he moved into the Private sector as a Corporate Legal Adviser. Dan has served in the Board of East Africa Business Consultants and other Public and private institutions in Africa

Anthony Kirathe

Senior Consultant - East Africa Business Consultants

Anthony Kirathe a Senior Consultant at East Africa Business Consultants a Highly accomplished, dynamic and experienced Business Consultant with over 10 Years working with Businesses in Africa

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