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Doing business in Rwanda Investment Guide


Rwanda is a small densely populated country in the Eastern side of Africa, best known as “The land of a thousand hills”. It’s among the fastest developing countries in the world with an average GDP growth rate of 8%. The country has a stable democratic government since the infamous Rwandan Genocide in 1994. Although the population declined rapidly in the early 1990s, later it has grown consistently to 12.9 million (2020).
The population is made up of two major ethnic groups: Hutus (85%) and Tutsis (14%). The two groups interestingly speak the same language and culture. Minority groups of the Twa ethnic community complete the list of native Rwandese, who accommodates approximately 90,000 immigrants from all over the world.


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The population is relatively small as compared to many countries but considering the size of the country, it’s the most densely populated country in Africa. Rwanda is the smallest landlocked country in Africa. It has four neighbor countries: DRC to the West, Uganda to the North, Tanzania to the East and Burundi to the South.
Rwanda is largely an agricultural country. Coffee and tea are the leading export products to Europe and the USA. More tuber crops are grown for subsistence purposes supporting the vibrant young population with an average age of 19 years.
Rwanda’s economic growth has been highest among neighboring countries for over years in a row. It has a GDP of $10 Billion (2019 estimate). Considering a very high dependency ratio of over 80%, the unemployment rate stands at 16%.

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