Trade Sector

There has being an Increase in Foreign Investors injecting their money in Kenya’s Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector.

Wholesale and Retail Sector in Kenya

Wholesale and Retail Sector in Kenya

This is influenced by the Growth of the Middle Income Earners and a change in the Population’s Shopping Habits where by most people are prefer one stop shopping.

The Growth of the Sector is also as a result of the high Population Growth in Kenya spread out in the Major towns and Highlands and Hence necessitating the presence on more Whole Sellers and Retailers.

Investment opportunities include but are not limited to the following;

  • Construction of Wholesale Hubs and Producer Markets in Major Towns in Kenya
  • Construction of a Model Tier one Retail Market in Athi-River near Nairobi
  • Warehousing Distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Forward and Backward Logistic Services
  • Retail loss Management Services

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