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Kenya at a Glance

Doing Business and Company Registration in Kenya – Did you Know that Kenya is the country with the second highest ranking in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index in Eastern Africa?

Kenya is the Largest Economy in the East African Community, the 65th Largest economy in the world and the Financial, technical and Communications hub in East Africa.

The Kenyan GDP has on average grown at a rate of 6% since 2004 with a Per Capita GDP estimated at $1,991. After Company Registration in Kenya  you get access to the East Africa Community giving you access to a market of about 150 million people and a market size with a GDP of Billion USD 145.

Kenya has in the recent past been Attracting a lot of Foreign Direct Investment due to the following factors;

  • Macroeconomic Stability: Kenya has enjoyed relatively high GDP growth year on Year.
  • Supportive Demographic Dividend: Kenya has a young population with increasing disposable income and growing demand for goods and services,
  • Improvement in Governance: The Kenyan Government has enacted key political reforms that are strengthening governance.
  • Security: The political climate in the country has eased, with security maintained and hence business has picked up.
  • Ease of Doing Business: It is considerably easier and quicker to do business than it was 10-years ago, with business opening up further to regional trade, and supportive infrastructure.
  • Investment in Infrastructure: There is a lot of investment in infrastructure including roads, rail, education etc.

The Tax Regime in Kenya is Quite Straight forward with the Tax rate for personal Income ranging from 0 to 30 %, Corporation Tax is at 30% and Vat at 16%.

For over 1 decade now, East Africa Business Consultants Has assisted many clients with the following Key Company Set Up Services in Kenya;

  • Company Registration in Kenya
  • Government Licenses Processing
  • Business Bank Account Opening
  • HR Recruitment and Management
  • Work Permit Processing
  • Apartment/Office/Warehouse Sourcing.

Company Registration in Kenya Summary Table

EntitySubsidiary CompanyBranch Company
How Long does the Company registration process Take?10 Days10 Days
How long Does it take to Open Bank Account? 5 Days5 Days
After how Long can you Invoice and Hire 15 Days15 Days
Minimum Number of Directors and Shareholders 1 –
Foreigner Can own the Company 100%YesYes
Can the entity hire expatriate staffYesYes
Tax Identification Registration requiredYesYes
Access to Kenya’s double Tax treatiesYesYes
Can bid for Government Contracts?YesYes
Can Secure Trade Finance?YesYes
Can Secure an Import and Export Licence?YesYes
Can Easily Convert into a PLC?YesNo
Can Secure Work permits for foreign Employees and Directors?YesYes
Multi Currency Bank Accounts Available?YesYes

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Branch vs Subsidiary Company Registration In Kenya

Branch vs Subsidiary Company Registration In Kenya – Which one is the Best for me? Many clients often ask us the above question and our answer to it is that “It all depends on the Business approach you want to take”. This is because in some instances, a Branch would be the most ideal entity while in other instances a Subsidiary would be the most ideal.

The major difference comes in when paying Taxes because a Branch Company will be taxed at 37.5 % Corporation Tax while a Subsidiary Company will be taxed at 30%.

However, having paid Tax at the higher rate, a Branch Company may remit after tax profits to its head office without any further deduction of tax whereas a subsidiary company must then deduct a further 10% on dividends paid to its parent.

See below a Comparison of a Branch vs Subsidiary Company Registration In Kenya

legal  StatusNot a separate legal entity but an extension of the Parent CompanySeparate legal Entity  distinct from its Parent Company
LiabilitiesLiabilities Extend to Parent CompanyLiabilities Limited to Subsidiary
Entity NameMust be the same as the Parent CompanyCan be the same or Different from Parent Company
Allowed ActivitiesMust be the same as the Parent CompanyCan be the same or Different from Parent Company
Validity PeriodRegistered forever until closedRegistered forever until closed
TaxationTaxed as non-resident entity, local tax benefits not availableTaxed as resident entity, local tax benefits available
Annual FilingMust file Branch Office as well as Parent Company’s AccountsMust file Accounts of the Kenyan Subsidiary
Bank AccountCan open Bank Account in KenyaCan open Bank Account in Kenya

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