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Foreign Investment Facilitation in Kenya

Foreign Investment and Trade Facilitation In Kenya- We understand that doing Business in a new terrain can be at times challenging hence we have come up with a Customized Foreign Investment Facilitation service to help you Set-Up and start doing Business in in the most Efficient and in the Shortest Time Possible.

Foreign Investment and Trade Facilitation In Kenya

We endeavor to use our Professionalism, Expertise and Years of experience in making it easy for you as a Foreigner or Expatriate to Set and acquire all the relevant Government Investment Licenses and Permits in Kenya and East Africa as a Whole.

Knowing the Numerous Benefits Foreign investors bring to our Country and Region, We do our level best to make investing easy and Fast by helping you avoid the apparent red tape processes in the acquisition of the relevant documentation.

With us you are able to focus on Pursuing and Implementing your Investment idea as we handle all the License Processing Paperwork, Correspondence and Schedule for Appointments with the relevant Government Agencies on your behalf.

                        Some of the Deliverable under Foreign Investment and Trade Facilitation In Kenya include the following;

An investors license is normally issued to Investors in order to help them in the initial Setup and Running of their Business in Kenya. An investors license is a form of approval by the Government’s Department of investment confirming that the Company is conducting Legitimate Business instilling confidence to potential Partners and Clients.
Work Permits are issued to foreign Employees / Directors wishing to work In Kenya.

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– A PIN Number is a Unique Identification Number issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority  to every individuals and Companies Operating in Kenya for the purposes of paying Taxes and Transacting Business with the Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government Agencies and Service Providers

– We are happy to help you Identify a suitable location to lease or Build a Warehouse/ Factory  to help you operate your Business Efficiently taking Advantage of the already existing Infrastructure, Qualified Workforce and the Government Investment Policies.
– Our Virtual Office Service is available at many of our Exclusive East African Locations. For a small Monthly fee, your Business can Benefit from Professional Telephone Answering, Mail Handling, Business Lounge Access and Executive Meeting Rooms.
– Here we are Happy to share with you the Experience Gained over the years in running Businesses in Kenya and East Africa. This will help you avoid the numerous Pitfalls most Companies encounter when doing Business in a new Terrain.
– We help your Source for AGENTS/ DISTRIBUTORS to help you Exploit the Numerous Business Opportunities and Introduce your Product or Service into the East Africa Community targeting the over 146 million Consumers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda,Burundi and South Sudan.  We Understand that Identifying and Contracting a Competent and Straight Forward Sales AGENT or DISTRIBUTOR in a Foreign Country is almost like finding a new Employee for your Business and hence we put Time and Effort in Getting you the Best Candidate to help you avoid Future Costly Mistakes and Ensure that you Penetrate the Market Sooner than Later.


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