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Express Online Company and Business Registration

Tried to register that dream business or limited company you’ve always wanted of late?

Company/ Business Registration in Kenya is now less Cumbersome and Confusing for people looking to register their Businesses/Companies. The recent changes have reduced the amount of paperwork through the adoption of a General Memorandum and Articles of Association. With the recent changes, the Kenya revenue Authority (KRA), National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Representatives are now sitting at the Company’s Registrar’s Office and thus helping you Register with all these Government bodies at the same time.

The Online registration is somewhat confusing for some people and hence at East Africa Business Consultants, We have identified the need to offer you a helping hand to help you achieve your goal to Register, Own and Run a Business Entity.

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How do i get rid of a Business Partner/ Director in my Kenyan Company/Business?

Our answer to this question is always through an example comparing a Divorce and the Process of ejecting a Director/Partner from a Business/Company.

Just like a Wedding the period of setting up a company is rosy and the thought of ever separating never crosses the Partner’s minds and hence most of them never care to come up with a prenuptial agreement.

Similarly the process of removing a Partner/Director is often confusing to many and can lead a serious breach of the law if not well executed. Read more