Branch vs Subsidiary Company Registration In Kenya
Branch vs Subsidiary Company Registration In Kenya – Which one is the Best for me? Many clients often ask us the above question and our answer to it is that “It all depends on the Business approach you want to take”. This is because in some instances, a Branch would
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Market Research Success in Kenya
In the Previous article, we took a look at why your company should do Market Research. We also analysed the periods when it’s appropriate to do a market research in Kenya. This article will answer to other questions.  What do you research during your company Market Research? What to Research
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When Should Companies Conduct a Market Research in Kenya
When Should Companies Conduct a Market Research in Kenya? Is there a wrong time to do Market Research? Not really. However, Conduction  Research at the right time can significantly alter the results you get. Market Research is critical to new start-ups survival. Before launching a Company or a Product, Entrepreneurs
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Importance of Market research in Kenya
To help you Understand what Companies do when they fail to Carry out a proper Market research, We shall look at a Popular game normally played during birthday celebrations by groups of children. It’s called, “Pin the tail on the donkey.” The rules are simple, a child is given a
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Accounting and Tax Services in Kenya and East Africa
June 2017 is a very interesting month because it marks the Period when the politicians go full throttle on their Campaigns as they look to convince their fellow taxpayers to vote them in in the upcoming elections. While the government is persistent on showing their achievements in the last four