Agricultural Sector

Agriculture remains Kenya’s apex Sector and largest contributor to GDP, Foreign Exchange Earnings and Economic Growth and the Government has Intensified Investment and Development of the Agricultural Sector by Earmarking Some Venture Opportunities for Foreign Investors seeking local counterparts, Privatization of Factories, Export Oriented Agri-Business and Investment in Large scale Irrigation Schemes.

Agricultural sector in Kenya

Agricultural sector in Kenya

Great Investment opportunities lie in Agricultural Support Services, Production for both local consumption and export and Agro-processing.

Investment Opportunities include but are not limited to the following;

  • Expansion of sugar factories for increased Sugar production and Power Generation
  • Value Addition of Tea, Coffee, Fruits etc Livestock Production
  • Set up of Beef Processing units
  • Set up of Poultry and Pig processing
  • Game meat Farming
  • Set up of Animal Feeds and Supplements Farms
  • Set up of Dairy products processing unit Set up of hides, Skins and leather industries
  • Set Up of Seed production, and Pesticides Factories
  • installation of irrigation systems

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